InvestingScope Company Overview

Welcome to InvestingScope trading, your next step towards a profitable, successful and rewarding trading career. We are a professsional signals and training provider for individuals seeking not only profitable investment opportunities but also to learn or improve their understanding of the financial markets and trading skills.

Company Goal and Philosophy

Our team of analysts have the best technical insight available and we take pride in our results. We ensure that our members are fully equipped to tackle the financial markets with extensive knowledge on both the technical and fundamental aspects of trading.

We have compiled years of market experience on the field to offer you a successful result. Our risk management approach involves trading a variety of financial instruments as we monitor the markets 24/7 on the whole spectrum of asset classes (stocks, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies etc).

We are here not only to guide you through the markets with highly accurate alerts but educate you along the way, investing into knowledge that always pays dividends.

Our daily analytical reports  are designed to provide our members timely buy/ sell signals for the short, medium as well as the long term. We always give the reason why a particular trade is taken or exited, as we base our strategic positioning on accurate technical pattern recognition. Our extensive Technical Analysis and Charting speak for themselves.


Why choose us?

Market Approach, Simple Consultation & Money Management

We are trend followers, looking for opportunities with a safe and reliable approach.

The clarity and simplicity of our analysis  help traders make the right decisions and do not confuse them with unnecessary technical bias.

We manage our risk-reward approach to perfection. We are not afraid to cut losses or let the profits run.

Unique Aspects

Our services include:

  • Daily Analysis on 5 financial instruments (you can choose from any asset class) of the client’s choice. The Reports are delivered straight to your email.
  • Portfolio management. We effectively manage your portfolio/ investment account for you and beat the market margin with healthy end of month/ year profit.
  • Our personal portfolio. We give you access to our portfolio moves where you can see our medium/ long term positioning and the trades we execute (taking profit, stopping loss).

What you gain

Our services will help you:

  • Steady profits. Either trading or investing, we will guide you to a path of more stable profits.
  • Treat trading like a business not like gambling. With sound technical and fundamental analysis you will understand why a trade is taken.
  • Get a clear understanding of how to trade properly in any market and make stable profits.
  • Get your money management to the highest level. Our risk assessments will give you a thorough idea of how to better structure a trade based on the risks involved.

Very good especially on long term predictions

Nasir Don
Platinum member

I am a gold member. So far it’s worth its money.

Shareef Warda

Had a tough first week but covered the next one immediately. Their signals go for bigger profit than loss so when you lose you don’t lose much. They plan carefully their entries.

Ola Andersson
Individual trader

Around 70% return so far. Definitely worth a try.

Brian Hanson
Energy Industry

Gained my 1 year subscription in 4 trades. Do I need to say more?

Gheorghe Popescu
Telecommunications Director

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