Services – Trading Packages

$ 5500 /1year -- OR -- $4500 if you pay by cryptocurrency (18% discount)
  • 1 year of access to our services which include:


  • Daily Reports customized on the financial assets of your preference sent twice per day to your email (Monday – Friday). You can choose up to 5 instruments of any asset class (forex, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies etc).  The analysis includes technical and fundamental assessment of assets with complete trading strategy and management (TP, SL, early exit, Resistance/ Support levels). Special daily market conditions to consider (e.g. How FOMC, ECB, Nonfarm Payrolls reports can affect the trades).
  • Portfolio management. We can safely manage your portfolio/ trading account with only 20% commission on profits. You will benefit from our safe approach which includes careful selection of high accuracy investing opportunities, diversified in order to achieve the lowest possible risk.
  • Our own personal portfolio. This includes a list of our current positions on the market, which instruments we are invested in, where we expect to take the profit or stop the loss. Benefit from this unique opportunity to gain access to our own selection of premium trades which only come under very extensive pattern recognition and are highly diversified as we aim at a balanced portfolio monitoring all financial asset classes (forex, indices, commodities, cryptos, stocks etc).
  • Event Impact Analysis. We share statistics on how key daily Macroeconomic Events (Retails Sales reports, Interest Rate Decisions, Payrolls, Unemployment rates ect) statistically affect the basic currencies.
$4500 if you pay by cryptocurrency (18% discount)

Our services include:

  • Daily Analysis on 5 financial instruments (you can choose from any asset class) of the client’s choice. The Reports are delivered straight to your email.
  • Portfolio management. We effectively manage your portfolio/ investment account for you and beat the market margin with healthy end of month/ year profit.
  • Our personal portfolio. We give you access to our portfolio moves where you can see our medium/ long term positioning and the trades we execute (taking profit, stopping loss).

Our services will help you:

  • Steady profits. Either trading or investing, we will guide you to a path of more stable profits.
  • Treat trading like a business not like gambling. With sound technical and fundamental analysis you will understand why a trade is taken.
  • Get a clear understanding of how to trade properly in any market and make stable profits.
  • Get your money management to the highest level. Our risk assessments will give you a thorough idea of how to better structure a trade based on the risks involved.